Affiliated Faculty Membership

Members will be invited to participate in the intellectual life of the CHGV. This will include involvement in CHGV wide meetings, seminars and the Center’s annual scientific retreat. In addition, active collaborations are encouraged with CHGV members (Faculty, Postdocs, and/or students).


As Duke faculty with interests aligned to the CHGV, members will have priority access to all resources within the Center. This includes priority access to whole genome/exome sequencing, access to the Center’s established bioinformatic analysis pipelines and use of other genomic tools developed by the Center. Where appropriate, members will be allowed access to the CHGV control database of sequenced genomes/exomes. Approval for access to genomic data will be project specific and must comply with a data usage agreement (unique to each project). In addition, members will be eligible to have accounts allowing direct access to the CHGV computing resources for approved projects. Members will also be able to interact with CHGV and its external partners. For example, when clinical geneticists order Illumina whole genome sequencing in a CLIA environment, the CHGV will assist in interpreting the CLIA certified list of variants (details to be worked out).

If you are interested in becoming a member or learning more, please contact Nicole Walley.


Current Affiliated Faculty Members

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