Available Datasets

[1] The downloaded datasets (both flat text and annotated binary formats) can be loaded by WGAViewer version 1.25U or later. WGAViewer can be downloaded here.
The flat text datasets can also be opened with a text editor, such as Emacs. However, we recommend WGAViewer for the convenience of annotation.
[2] Please unzip any files in compressed ZIP format before loading it into the WGAViewer program.
1. Host control of HIV-1 viral load during the asymptomatic set-point period of infection     Published in Science 2007 Aug; 317: 944-947.
Download the dataset (annotated binary format, ZIP file, size=30 MB).
2. Schizophrenia
Published in PLoS Genet 2009 Feb; 5(2):e1000373.
[A] Combined population dataset (version 1)
Flat text before annotation, ZIP file, size=4.6 MB.
[B] Combined population dataset (version 2)
Annotated binary format, ZIP file, size=17 MB.
[C] Munich population dataset
Flat text before annotation, ZIP file, size=4.4 MB.
[D] Aberdeen population dataset
Flat text before annotation, ZIP file, size=4.4 MB.
[E] Large rare copy number variations (CNVs)
Excel file, size = 137Kb.
3. Alzheimer's disease genome wide association study
[A] ADcasecontrolpheno_1.assoc.logistic.wr
This file contains p values generated in the AD genome-wide association study comparing cases and controls. This is a WGAviewer file which can be viewed with the WGAviewer software.
[B] AD.rawcnv
This file contains all copy number variants detected in cases and controls. Only copy number variants that met the defined quality controls standards defined in the methods section are included. An additional file is provided with the genders of the included subjects (Gender.csv) to aid in the interpretation of variants on the X chromosome.


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