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Jul 21, 2014One of a Kind
Jul 1, 2014NIH names new clinical sites in Undiagnosed Diseases Network
Apr 19, 2014Duke researchers uncover new disease in mysteriously sick child
Apr 3, 2014Genetics: Unravelling complexity
Mar 21, 2014Scientists, parents join forces to identify new genetic disease in children
Mar 20, 2014Gene Sleuths Use Social Media to Help Map a New Disease
´╗┐Jan 13, 2014Aiming to Push Genomics Forward in New Study
Dec 2, 2013Using the human genome to customize medicine for patients
Dec 1, 2013Infantile Spasms/Lennox-Gastaut genetics goes transatlantic
Nov 25, 2013Genetic Test Service 23andMe Ordered to Halt Marketing by FDA
Nov 25, 2013Duke University Scientists Named AAAS Fellows
Oct 24, 2013Four families scattered across the globe find answers in Duke medical research
Sep 6, 2013Sequencing seizures: Discovering new genetic mutations behind epilepsy
Aug 26, 2013This Week in PLOS
Aug 23, 2013Goldstein leads international team in an NIH-funded study that discovers new genes for childhood epilepsies
Aug 12, 2013New Epilepsy Research Could Lead To Targeted Treatments
Aug 11, 2013NIH-funded study discovers new genes for childhood epilepsies
Nov 26, 2012Utah couple races to help son with unique genetic disorder
Sep 6, 2012New approach can help researchers study genetic variations associated with disease
Aug 8, 2012Next generation of Olympians look better, faster, stronger
Jul 30, 2012Duke researchers find gene mutation for childhood disorder
Jul 29, 2012Gene Discovery Set to Help With Mysterious Paralysis of Childhood
Jul 17, 2012Biogen Idec Announces Collaboration with Leading Research Institutions to Sequence Genomes of Patients with ALS
Jun 13, 2012DNA Scans Can Spot Cause of Brain Issue in 25% of Kids
Jun 12, 2012Shashi et al study scouring genomes to find causes of childhood genetic diseases
May 16, 201210 Things Exome Sequencing Can’t Do–but Why It’s Still Powerful
May 8, 2012DNA sequencing of sick children reinforces Wisconsin work
May 8, 2012Duke-led Team Reports on Clinical Exome Sequencing Pilot Project
May 8, 2012Sequencing Works in Clinical Setting to Find Diagnosis
May 8, 2012Duke-led Team Reports on Clinical Exome Sequencing Pilot Project
Mar 22, 2012Roots 2.0: Using DNA to Trace My Ancestry
Feb 9, 2012Supporters unlock doors to ‘outstanding’ health care
Jan 26, 2012Will Gene Sequencing Soon Be Part of Your Doctor Visit?
Jan 24, 2012Roche's Hostile Bid For Illumina Ups Stakes In DNA Tech Race
Jan 19, 2012Cognitive ageing is partly in the genes
Jan 18, 2012Life-long intelligence in the genes
Jan 9, 2012Knome Expands Scientific Advisory Board
Dec 29, 2011Debunked Science: Studies Take Heat In 2011
Dec 5, 2011Susan Axelrod blog's: Attended First NIH Epilepsy Center Without Walls
Nov 16, 2011Goldstein and team identify biomarker for hepatitis C, precursor to liver cancer
Nov 7, 2011Duke joins search for genetic basis of epilepsy
Nov 1, 2011Duke University Receives $25M in Research Funding for Epilepsy Related Genome Sequencing Study
Oct 31, 2011Duke to Lead $25M Epilepsy Research Project
Oct 27, 2011Duke University gets $25M grant to research genetics of epilepsy
Oct 26, 2011
Oct 26, 2011Duke Med Center gets $25M grant
Oct 6, 2011
100 years old? Duke wants you
Aug 17, 2011Schizophrenia and Genetics: Research Update
Jul 22,2011Poor Peer Review Cited In Retracted DNA Study
Jul 21, 2011Sebastiani group retracts genetics of aging study from Science
Jul 20, 2011MURDOCK's Centenarian Project to recruit in Durham
Jul 14, 2011Genome Revolution Is Skipping Nonwhites
Jul 14, 2011The Genomic Revolution and Race
Jul 04, 2011Roots of Disease Found to Vary by Continent
Jun 20, 2011Identifying the Genetic Predictors of Severe Acne Vulgaris and the Outcome of Oral Isotretinoin Treatment
Jun   8, 2011

Pharmacogenomics: Playing the odds

Jun 2011At GET, Researchers Discuss How Sequencing Can Find Causal Variants
May 24, 2011Summary and Q&A: “A Genome-wide Comparison of the Functional Properties of Rare and Common Genetic Variants in Humans”
May 5, 2011Unlocking the Genome's Secrets to Long Life
Apr 20, 2011

Actionable Pharmacogenetics for Epilepsy

Apr 20, 2011Duke Team Says Sequencing may be Better than GWAS at Pinpointing Disease-causing Variants
Mar 31, 2011Rare Genetic Variants Most Likely to Influence Disease
Mar 23, 2011Will Hemophiliacs Provide a Clue?
Mar 4, 2011Family Genomics Link DNA to Disease
Mar 1, 2011The Undiscovered Variants
March 2011Snakes and ladders
Feb 9, 2011Genes and Disease - The Great Debate
Jan 18, 2011The Importance of Synthetic Associations Will Only Be Resolved Empirically
Dec 6, 2010Duke's Discovery Genomics Center Rides Pharmacogenomics Wave
Dec 5, 2010Dawkins, Darwin, and Other Dogma: How the Tenets of Biology Are Crumbling
Oct 29, 2010Gene Variants Affect Hepatitis C Treatment, But Link Is Elusive
Oct 28, 2010Genomics: The search for association
Oct 27, 20101000 Genomes Project reveals human variation
Oct 19, 2010Consortium Explores Sequencing to Study Rare Serious Adverse Reactions to Drugs
Oct 18, 2010Other Factors to Consider
Oct 18, 2010Diamonds in the Rough: Rare Variants Scratch the Surface
Oct 9, 2010The Failed Promise of Genomics
Oct 04, 2010Duke Clinical Research Institute Announces "Discovery Genomics" Venture
Oct 01, 2010Duke Expands Genetic Research
Sep 28, 2010Genome Studies for Drug Safety
Sep 21, 2010With Analysis of 20 Genomes, Duke Team Demonstrates Proof of Concept for Sequencing Disease Cohorts
July 14, 2010Longevity Debate: Chips to Blame?
July 12, 2010Double-teaming a Whole-genome Hunt: Scientists Combine New and Classical Approaches to Discover Rare Disease Gene
July 08, 2010Scientists Criticize Study on Genetics of Old Age
July 07, 2010The Little Flaw in the Longevity-Gene Study that Could be a Big Problem
July 07, 2010The human genome: Big Advances, Many Questions
June 22, 2010WGS for the Win
June 17, 2010Sequencing a Single Genome Yields Cause of Inherited Bone Disorder
May 12, 2010Duke Distinguished Faculty
Apr 16, 2010Missing DNA Linked to Broad Range of Seizure Disorders
Apr 14, 2010The Centenarian Gene
Mar 10, 2010Disease Cause is Pinpointed with Genome
Feb 22, 2010SNPwatch: Enzyme Deficiency May Protect Against Serious Hepatitis C Treatment Side Effect
Feb 22, 2010Genomics Gets Personal for Duke Professor
Feb 21, 2010Enzyme Deficiency Protects Hepatitis C Patients from Treatment-Related Anemia
Feb 06, 2010Genome Study Points to New Culprit for Schizophrenia
Feb 03, 2010SAEC and Duke Partner to ID SNPs Linked to Clozapine-Induced Agranulocytosis
Feb 03, 2010The controversial connection between race, genetics and medicine
Feb 03, 2010Angrist demystifies genomics
Feb 02, 2010Duke University Medical Center Researchers Warn "GWAS Will Hit a Wall"
Jan 27, 2010Duke and the International Serious Adverse Event Consortium to Partner on Research 
Jan 26, 2010Hiding place for missing heritability uncovered
Jan 26, 2010Rare genetic variants create 'synthetic' genome-wide signals of disease risk
Jan 25, 2010A New Way to Look for Diseases' Genetic Roots
Jan 07, 2010Demand for 'designer babies' to grow dramatically
Jan 06, 2010Researchers Find Genetic Explanation for Why Hepatitis C (HCV) Treatment Doesn't Work for Some
Jan 06, 2010Looking Ahead with 2020 Vision
Nov 09, 2009Researchers Come Together to Study Natural HIV Resistance
Nov 06, 2009Questioning a Test for Cancer
Aug 20, 2009Testing times: predicting hep C response
Aug 19, 2009In Jewish Genetic History, the Known Unknowns
Aug 18, 2009Genetics, Medicine and Race
Aug 16, 2009Genes Tied to Gap in Treatment of Hepatitis C
Apr 15, 2009Genes Show Limited Value in Predicting Diseases
Mar 20, 2009Genetic Irregularites Linked to Higher Risk of COPD Among Smokers 
Feb 06, 2009Genome Study Points to New Culprit for Schizophrenia
Jan 30, 2009Genetic Pasts and Futures
Sept 15, 2008A Dissenting Voice as the Genome Is Sifted to Fight Disease


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